A list of all Cirro supported statements.

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ADD AUTHENTICATION PROVIDER Page Add external Directory Services or Multifactor Authentication providers to Cirro.
ADD AUTHORIZATION Page Associates an existing Cirro user (created with CREATE USER) with an existing account on the federated system.
ADD RESOURCE Page Link a driver file with a resource created with CREATE DRIVER.
ALTER ALERT ACTION Page An ALERT is a notification that's triggered when a CONNECTION RULE is met. They can be email or HTTP actions.
ALTER CONNECTION RULE Page Alter a connection rule using SQL.
ALTER DRIVER Page Allows modification of an existing driver, which was created previously with CREATE DRIVER.
ALTER ENCRYPTION KEY Page Use ALTER ENCRYPTION KEY to make changes to an existing key, with the same syntax.
ALTER METADATA Page Overrides the internal rowcount for a table or view. This is a global setting, and will affect all users and all sessions for this system.
ALTER POLICY (Set User Security Policy) Page SQL commands to set security policies for standard passwords such as username length and password length
ALTER PROJECT Page Alter a Data project with this syntax.
ALTER PROJECT MAP Page Alter a project map with these SQL commands.
ALTER SYSTEM Page Allows modification of an existing system, which was created with CREATE SYSTEM.
ALTER TABLE Page Alter a table on a specified datasource.
ALTER USER Page Make alterations to existing Cirro user accounts. All Cirro users have the PUBLIC role by default which enables login.
ALTER VIEW Page Alters the SELECT query of an existing, non-materialized view.
ALTER VIEW - ADD/DROP PROJECTION Page View projections are Cirro's implementation of row and column security. They allow the same view to return different data depending on who selects from them.
Begin End block syntax Page Begin---End is
CALL Page Executes a pre-defined procedure.
CANCEL PROJECT Page The CANCEL PROJECT statement will terminate a running project, i.e. find the session and cancel its statement. This requires the CANCEL SESSION privilege.
COMPARE summary Page This page gives background information on Compare syntax.
COMPARE Page Compare the rows of the target cursor or table to those of the source cursor or table.
COMPARE with inline functions Page COMPARE can be combined with inline functions to do simpler, hopefully faster, compares..
COPY OBJECTS Page Use COPY OBJECTS to define source to target column mapping where the number of columns differs.
CREATE ALERT ACTION Page An ALERT ACTION is a notification that's triggered when a CONNECTION Rule is met. They can be email or HTTP actions.
CREATE CONNECTION RULE Page Add a CONNECTION RULE to allow or restrict access to Cirro either before or after login.
CREATE DRIVER Page Creating a Cirro driver allows you to connect to a data source. After the driver has been created, add resources to it with the ADD RESOURCE command.
CREATE ENCRYPTION KEY Page CREATE ENCRYPTION KEY creates an encryption key within the system, saving it to a specified location.
CREATE JOB Page Create Job inserts scripts into the scheduler.
CREATE PROJECT Page Create a Data project with this syntax.
CREATE REMOTE DATABASE Page Creates a local synonym for a remote database. This functionality is used to create mappings to the four-part object names required by Cirro.
CREATE ROLE Page Adds a new Cirro role with optional LDAP/Active Directory integration.
CREATE SYSTEM Page These commands link Cirro to the target database. Each distinct Database type should be added with its own CREATE SYSTEM command.
CREATE TABLE Page Create a table on a specified datasource. If the datasource is not specified, Cirro identifies the most efficient datasource to create the table.
CREATE TABLE as SELECT Page Alters the SELECT query of an existing, non-materialized view.
CREATE USER Page Create a Cirro user account that can connect to the application. All Cirro users have the PUBLIC role by default which enables login. Once created, GRANT rol...
CREATE VIEW Page Creates a materialized or non-materialized view from existing tables or views.
DATACOPY Page SQL to copy data from source to target.
DECRYPT data Page Use an encryption key to decrypt table data.
DISABLE USER Page SQL command disables a user account and prevents login. Password reset enables the account once more, once user has chosen a new password.
DROP ALERT Page Use the DROP command to delete an alert.
DROP AUTHENTICATION PROVIDER Page Drops authentication provider from Cirro.
DROP AUTHORIZATION Page Drops existing authorization for a user.
DROP CONNECTION RULE Page Delete connection rules.
DROP DEFAULT AUTHENTICATION PROVIDER Page Drop a default authentication provider from the system
DROP DRIVER Page Removes an existing Cirro driver, which was created using the CREATE DRIVER command.
Drop Encryption Key Page DROP ENCRYPTION KEY deletes a named encryption key from Cirro.
DROP JOB Page Drops an existing scheduled job.
DROP PROJECT Page DROP PROJECT changes the project's status flag to INACTIVE. Inactive projects will not usually be displayed. This is to maintain history of project runs unti...
DROP REMOTE DATABASE Page Drops an existing remote database reference.
DROP RESOURCE Page Removes an existing Cirro resource, which was added with the ADD RESOURCE command.
DROP ROLE Page Drops an existing Cirro role.
DROP SYSTEM Page Removes an existing Cirro system, which was created using CREATE SYSTEM.
DROP TABLE Page Drops a table which created using the Cirro CREATE TABLE command.
DROP USER Page Drops an existing Cirro user.
DROP VIEW Page Drops an existing view.
ENCRYPT data Page Use an encryption key to encrypt table data.
EXCLUDE Schemas Page You can choose to exclude datasource schemas so they are invisible to SQL statements.
EXECUTE PROJECT Page Execute/run the specified data project. EXECUTE PROJECT executes in the current session synchronously.
EXPAND Page EXPAND any SELECT statement into block form to see how the execution of the block will be changed by all the parameters.
GENERATE PASSWORD Page Generates a system-valid password which can be inserted into any CREATE or ALTER USER statement.
INCLUDE Schemas Page Cancel an EXCLUDE SCHEMA statement with INCLUDE to restore datasource schemas for SQL statements.
INSERT Page Adds data into an existing table on the federated system.
Joins Page Joins combine data from multiple, related data sources is a single result set. Join expressions appear in the WHERE clause.
Query Operators Page The following commands can be used to combine multiple queries.
REFRESH MATERIALIZED VIEW Page Refreshes the data in a materialized view.
RESTRICT USER Page Sets user account in state where user must specify a new password on next login. No other actions are allowed until the password is changed.
SELECT Page Retrieves data from a structured data source. The SELECT statement can be used individually, or with one or more of clauses or joins.
SET CACHEPOLICY Page Sets a cache policy for a specified federated system. This is a global setting, and will affect all users and all sessions for this system.
SET DEFAULT AUTHENTICATION PROVIDER Page Optionally set a default provider to enable authentication for users not explicitly managed by Cirro. Typically this will be an Active Directory or LDAP prov...
SET DESCRIBE Page Enables return of query metadata, including column names and data_types.
SET NUMBEROFRDBMSTRANSFERTHREADS Page Specifies the session-specific number of RDBMS transfer threads available to the query optimizer.
SET PASSTHROUGH Page Execute SQL commands directly on any system your cirro account has been granted permissions.
SET SQUOOP OPTIONS Page Allows user to specify Sqoop options to override the Cirro default values. These values will be used in Sqoop for data movement between all relational databa...
SHOW PROJECT Page Display any data project using these commands.
SYNC - match rows on target key columns Page Two SYNC statements to sync data between source and target.
SYNC Target TO Source Page This syntax automatically triggers a COMPARE in order to make the target table, cursor, rows and key columns match the source.
SYNC Target WITH LOG table Page This command performs the actions on the target table that have been saved in the log table.
SYNC with KEY Page Where a Key value exists in several rows, a second key must be used to avoid accidental deletions.
VALIDATE AUTHENTICATION Page Use VALIDATE AUTHENTICATION to check that you can log in to Cirro using a specified authentication provider.
VALIDATE AUTHENTICATION Page Use VALIDATE AUTHORIZATION to give authorization to the given datasource using the supplied username and password.
View CONNECTION RULE tables Page View the connection rules or the execution log.
View User tables Page View system tables relevant to USER Accounts