This document articulates the Cirro SQL language. Although Cirro is generally SQL-92 compliant, this document is the authoritative source for the Cirro SQL language and takes precedence over other, non-Cirro SQL language documentation.

SQL-92 Compliance

The Cirro SQL language is a derivation of the SQL92 standard.

This system is the definitive Cirro SQL language specification. Commands, syntaxes, and options not discussed in this guide are not supported.

Cirro Query Execution and Federated Systems

Because Cirro interacts with multiple database environments, it is sometimes necessary or advantageous for a SQL command submitted through Cirro to be performed on federated systems such as Oracle and MySQL.

When executing queries on federated systems, the behaviors of the underlying database are dominant regarding how results are calculated.


Users of this information should:

  • Have a basic understanding of the SQL92 standard and relational databases.

  • Understand which of their data sources are available through Cirro.

  • Know how to use a SQL client to connect to Cirro. See the Cirro BI User Guide and the Cirro Analyst User Guide for information.


You can set up your own editor, use the Federated SQL Editor in the product or use the Apache Derby command line ij editor.