Connect to Cirro with SQL Workbenchj editor using these steps.

Before You Start

Download SQL Workbench

Setup Driver

  • Open SQL Workbench.

  • Choose File, then Manage Drivers.

  • Enter a name for the driver.

  • Click FOLDER and browse for cirroclient.jar.

  • Ensure classname is:

  • Click OK

Setup Connection

  • Choose File and Connect Window.
Field Description Example values
Name Name of Connection Cirroconnection
URL jdbc:cirrosecurity://[ip address or hostname]:1527/cirro jdbc:cirrosecurity://
Username and Password Cirro username and password Cirrouser/cirropassword
Class Name
  • Click Test to verify the settings are correct.

  • Click Ok to connect.

  • Click Workspace and Save Workspace to save these settings.