Connect to Cirro with DBeaver using these steps.

Before You Start

Download Application

Set up Driver

  • Start DBeaver and cancel the initial setup (if starting from a new install).

  • Click Database from the menu then Driver Manager.

  • Click New.

Field Description
Driver Name CirroDriver
Class Name
  • Click Add File then browse for cirroclient.jar

  • Click Find Class then choose

Set up connection

  • Click Database > New Connection.

  • Choose CirroDriver from the list and click Next.

Field Description Example
JDBC URL jdbc:cirrosecurity://[ip address or hostname]:1527/cirro jdbc:cirrosecurity://
User name Cirro username created for this connection. cirrouser
Password Matching password for Cirro username. cirropassword
  • Click Next.

  • Enter SSH or SOCKS proxy values if required

  • Click Next

  • Choose values to finalize connection.

  • Click Finish

Connect to Cirro

  • Right-click the connection in the tree.

  • Click Connect.