Check these solutions if you're having difficulty connecting.


Cannot connect to Datasource via SQL Client.


Check you can Login to Cirro

Check if you can connect to Cirro with your username and password.

Check SQL Client Configuration

Check your SQL Client setup.

Check ODBC settings

  • Click Windows then System and search on ODBC. Click either 32 bit or 64 bit.

  • Select the driver then click Configure.

  • Check these settings are correct:

    • Remote System - does this exactly match the database name in Cirro (for passthrough)?

    • Remote System - does this have the default “CIRRO”?

    • User name / password - verify these are correct.

Check Direct Connect Database Supported

If using a Direct Connect connection. Direct Connect supports Oracle, SQL-Server, or databases that use the MySQL or Postgres wire protocol

Check if Datasource is available or connected

  • Login to the Cirro web interface.

  • Click Resources then Datasources.

  • Find your datasource and verify these columns.

Column Description
Name The datasource name you’ll need for some SQL clients.
Available? Check if the datasource is:
Enabled (which means you can connect)
Disabled(which will cause a connection failure)

Contact Sysadmin

Finally, you may need to contact your SysAdmin to ask for permissions on the Datasource.