Connect to Cirro with SQuirrel sql client using these steps.

Before You Start

Before you set up any SQL client, you’ll need:

Download Cirro JDBC client

  • Open Cirro in a web browser.

  • Click Download Drivers, found at the bottom of the page.

  • Click the JDBC driver.

  • Choose a download folder then click OK

Download Application

  • Open SQuirrel website and download the .jar file for your system.

  • Open the .jar file as administrator and install.

Setup Driver

It’s a four step process to setup the driver in SQuirrel.

  • First, start SQuirrel.

    • Choose Windows and View Drivers

    • Click and Yes if prompted to add drivers.

  • Second, add the driver.

    • Choose Extra Class Path tab in the Add Driver dialog.

    • Click Add.

  • Third, browse for the driver, then click OK.

  • Last, configure the driver and click OK.

Field Description Example values
Name Name of Cirro driver Cirrodriver
Example URL JDBC connection string in form: jdbc:cirrosecurity://[ip address or hostname]:1527/cirro jdbc:cirrosecurity://
Class Name Driver class to enable secure connection to Cirro.

Setup Connection Alias

It takes just two steps to set up a connection alias you can use to connect to Cirro.

  • First, create the alias.

    • Click Aliases vertical tab.

    • Click .

  • Second, enter the connection details and choose the driver.

    • Add a name for the alias (e.g., Cirro).

    • Choose cirrodriver as the driver.

    • Enter the username.

Connect to Cirro

  • Double-click cirro in the Alias tab.

  • Enter your password and click Connect


If you’re having trouble connecting or seeing Datasources, check our Troubleshooting guide.