Connect to Cirro with QlikView sql client using these steps.

Before You Start

Before you set up any SQL client, you’ll need:

Download and install Cirro ODBC driver

First, download the Cirro ODBC driver for your system.

  • Open Cirro in a web browser.
  • Click Download Drivers, found at the bottom of the page.
  • Click the relevant 32 or 64 bit driver for your system.
  • Choose a download folder then click OK.
  • Run the downloaded installer then close when finished.

Next, we add the driver to the ODBC Data Source Administrator page.

  • Open Windows Settings and search on "ODBC"
  • Now choose the 32 or 64 bit driver version.
  • Click User DSN then Add.
  • Choose the Cirro Driver.
  • Click Finish.

When the driver is added, the system automatically displays the Cirro ODBC data source config tool.

There's two ways to setup the driver:

  1. Default - the driver defaults to "CIRRO" as the remote system. This gives access to all databases your user account has been granted.
  2. Passthrough - set up the driver with a database name and your Cirro account name and password. Click Resources then Datasources to find the database name.

You'll need to substitute your connection details for the example values below.

Field Description Example Values
Datasource Name Arbitrary title for the data source Cirro_ODBC
Cirro server hostname or ip address Hostname or IP address of the Cirro instance
Cirro server port The port the driver can access the server (defaults to 1521) 1521
Remote System Enter "CIRRO" to connect to Cirro Hub (and all the databases in the system), or use database name for passthrough connection. CIRRO
User name Cirro user name cirrouser
Password/Confirm Password Cirro user password cirropassword
Connection String Extra Properties Specific connection details. In this example, set tableNameQuery=true to use two-part object names in SQL queries (e.g., "database.schema.table" becomes "database-schema-table"). tableNameQuery=true
Extra JVM args Additional Java Virtual Machine arguments none
Log level 0-7 leave blank for default none

Download Application

Setup Cirro Connection

It’s a three step process to setup a connection to a Cirro database.

  • First, we need a new Page and connection.

    • Click File and New.

    • Click File and Edit Script.

  • Second, Connect to Data Source.

    • Choose ODBC then Connect
  • Third, enter Cirro connection details.

    • Tick Show User DSNs to show the Cirro ODBC driver.

    • Select the Cirro driver.

    • Enter your Cirro account name and password.

    • Click Test Connection then OK on the Connection Success dialog.

    • Click OK on the Connect dialog.


If you’re having trouble connecting or seeing Datasources, check our Troubleshooting guide.