Setup Cirro with an SMTP server. This is a requirement if you're creating local Cirro accounts.

Before you start

You’ll need an SMTP server username and password. You can use your organization server, or a third party.

Cirro recommends Google or Sendgrid. Google is free, while Sendgrid is free for up to 100 emails per day. You just need an account with them to proceed.

Email provider Server Plain/TLS connection Port# SSL Connection port # 587 465 25 or 587 465

SMTP setup

  • Open SMTP Email Server Settings.

    • Click Server Settings then SMTP Settings.
Field Description Example settings
Cirro Server URL The website address or IP address of your Cirro server
Email from address The sender address for the email. Usually a no-reply or unmonitored address
SMTP Server Server address of the SMTP server.
Port The port the server sends mail on. This differs if you choose SSL. Plain TLS: 587
SSL: 465
Use SSL SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer encrypts outgoing email messages. This needs to be supported by your SMTP server  
User Name and password (if required) The user name and password for the SMTP server. If you’re using gmail, this is you google account user name and password. Providing these details are mandatory for gmail or sendgrid accounts but may not be for other accounts. Test the settings if you’re not sure.
  • Click Update SMTP Server Settings to save.

Test settings

It’s a good idea to test the settings before doing further work to create users or other tasks.

  • Click Send Test Email.

  • Enter a valid email address in the Test Email dialog, then click Send.

You’ll receive a confirmation message to that address if the server is successfully configured. Check your SPAM folder if it isn’t delivered or refer to the FAQ for further assistance.