Allows user to specify Sqoop options to override the Cirro default values. These values will be used in Sqoop for data movement between all relational databases and Hadoop systems in a session.


SET SQOOP OPTIONS ('key' = 'value' [,..n]);


  • key/value: Key/value pairs specifying variables and values. These options are available:
Key Value Action Note
batch true, 1 </br></br> false, 0 Use batch mode for underlying statement execution when exporting data to RDBMS  
compress or z true, 1 </br></br> false, 0 Compress data after import.  
fetch-size integer Number of entries to read from database at once when importing data to Hadoop. Default fetch size in Sqoop will be used for value of 0.
num-mappers or m integer Number of map tasks to run. Used for both import and export. Default number of mappers in Sqoop will be used for value of 0.


SET SQOOP OPTIONS ('batch' = 'true', 'fetch-size' = '12200', 'num-mappers' = '12', 'compress' = 'true');