The Only multi-factor solution for all databases.

Know exactly who’s accessing your data

The core of zero trust security lies in truly authenticating who is accessing your data. Using multi-factor authentication, Cirro Secure Connect explicitly verifies each user accessing your databases. No more shared credentials.


Get Started with Cirro Secure Connect

When you’ve performed these tasks, connect to cirro using Cirro’s Direct Connect or Cirro drivers.

Configure Secure Connect

Configure Access policy rules and alert actions, database listeners, and view the credentials matrix and Secure Connect Logs

Manage Access Rules

Manage Alert Actions

Database Listeners



Set up network connections, add database drivers, and add datasources to Cirro.

Network Connections

Datasource Drivers

Manage Datasources

Users & Roles

You can manage users within Cirro or connect to directory services like LDAP or Azure AD

Manage Users &
Roles in Cirro

Manage Azure AD Directory Service

Manage LDAP Directory Service

Set authentication providers

Cirro supports authentication services like Duo, Saaspass, and okta.

Manage Authentication

Duo setup

Okta setup

Saaspass setup setup