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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the Cirro Privileges Page Cirro has built-in privileges which you can grant or revoke from users and roles.
What are the Cirro Roles Page Cirro has built-in roles to enable different parts of the application for different users.
My connection rule has multiple notifications Page You've set up a connection rule to notify you when someone successfully logs into Cirro. You're receiving multiple notifications when the rule is triggered.
Connection issues with Cirro DirectConnect Page Check these issues and solutions if you're having trouble with Cirro's DirectConnect system.
Syntax Error for Cirro four-part table names Page Some sql clients throw a Syntax Error when trying to access Cirro four-part table names.
I am locked out of Cirro Page Follow these instructions to enable the root account if you find yourself totally locked-out of your Cirro installation.
Reset Cirro Account password Page You can reset your user account password through the Cirro web interface, command line or SQL.
How do I reset the Root password? Page The Root password is set at installation time. Cirro recommends resetting the password once installation is complete.