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Add Datasources Page Add a datasource to Cirro. You can modify advanced settings and enable the datasource for use with Data Puppy.
Database Driver List Page Download database drivers to use when setting up drivers in Cirro. These are then used when you set up your datasources.
Listener Configuration for Secure Connect/Direct Connect Page Configure Database listeners for Postgres, Oracle, Sql-Server and MySQL databases to ensure Direct Connect works properly.
Manage Datasource Drivers Page Add a datasource driver to Cirro to enable connection to any supported database, including Oracle, SQL-Server and MySQL.
Manage Datasources Page Manage datasources, including relational databases within Cirro for use with Data Puppy and Secure Connect users.
Manage Network Connections Page Setup OpenVPN, IPSec or SSH network connections to enable Cirro to connect securely to datasources.
Add L2TP/IPSEC Network Connection Page Setup an L2TP/IPSEC network connection with these instructions.
Add OpenVPN Network Connection Page Setup an OpenVPN network connection with these instructions.
Add SSH Network Connection Page SSH creates a tunnel between a local Cirro port and remote Database. The database can be running on the SSH server or be another remote machine.

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Set up database drivers for 20 different database types, from Oracle and SQL-Server to Gemfire, Hawq and even BigSQL.

Download drivers

Manage Drivers

Datasource Setup

Set up your datasources for use by Data Puppy or Secure Connect.

Manage Datasources

Network Connections

Set up network connections such as SSH, OpenVPN or L2TP/IPSEC.

Manage Network