The Root password is set at installation time. Cirro recommends resetting the password once installation is complete.

Find your default root password

Installation Type Where you’ll find the password
Server installation root password is set in the installation script.
Virtual Appliance Start the appliance and you’ll find the password in the terminal window.
AWS installation Password is ubuntu

Cirro server Command Line

If you haven’t already done so, connect to your server machine using your SSH application.

You’ll perform all these commands as root.

sudo su -

Check and set CIRRO_HOME

Now verify CIRRO_HOME is /opt/cirro.

Description Command
Open the root directory, then check the setup. cd /
Enter this command if the results are NOT /opt/cirro export CIRRO_HOME=/opt/cirro

Reset Password

Now reset the root password.

/opt/cirro/cirro/bin/reset_password |

Last, restart the HUB service.

cd /opt/cirro/cirro/bin/

cirro_fqod restart

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