You can reset your user account password through the Cirro web interface, command line or SQL.

Cirro Password Types

Cirro provides four account password combinations.

Password Type Description Value
Standard Standard user password. You can set your user security policy (SQL) with SQL commands. password
One Time Password Time limited One Time Password generated with a system-issued QR code added to an Authenticator application such as Google Authenticator totp
Combined Standard password & one-time password A combination of the above. both
Two Factor Authentication Can be applied to any combination of the above. The system uses either Duo or Saaspass to push a notification to the account holder’s device (usually a smartphone or tablet) Two-Factor Authentication is set up with the ADD AUTHENTICATION SQL commands. Duo (or) Saaspass

Reset password after login

Open your user profile to reset your own password.

Cirro New User Account or Password Reset

You’ll receive an email with a temporary password which you’ll need to change on first login. You may also receive a QR code to set up an authenticator application like Google Authenticator, Duo or Saaspass.

Forgotten Password

You’ll need to contact your systems administrator if you’ve forgotten your password. They’ll follow these instructions to reset the password for you.

Reset password with SQL

Use the ALTER_USER command to change user passwords in your sql client. You’ll need the Alter User permission.

Root user password reset

The Root user password is set at installation time. Follow these instructions to reset it.