A list of all Cirro supported privileges.

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DENY privilege Page Explicitly denies a permission to a user or role. When a DENY is in place, it generally overrides an explicit or inherited GRANT at the same level.
GRANT privilege Page Grants privileges on a specified securable to a user or role.
GRANT KEY USAGE Page Grant SELECT on an encryption key to users or roles.
GRANT role Page Adds a role to a Cirro user or role. The user must be previously granted 'GRANT ROLE' permission.
Privilege Mappings Page Cirro has built-in privileges which can be granted, revoked, or denied.
Privilege Statement Execution and Precedence Page Cirro privileges are executed in a specific order.
REVOKE privilege Page Removes a previously granted or denied privilege.
REVOKE SELECT on encryption key Page REVOKE SELECT on an encryption key from users or roles.
REVOKE role Page Removes a role from a Cirro user or role. It must be performed prior to a DROP .
Cirro Privileges - Supported Securables Page These statements control which privileges are available to which users and roles.