You can reset your user account password through the Cirro web interface, or SQL.

Cirro Passwords

Cirro provides four account password combinations.

Password Type Description Value
Standard Standard user password. You can set your user security policy (SQL) with SQL commands. password
One Time Password Time limited One Time Password generated with a system-issued QR code added to an Authenticator application such as Google Authenticator totp
Combined Standard password & one-time password A combination of the above. both
Two Factor Authentication Can be applied to any combination of the above. The system uses either Duo or Saaspass to push a notification to the account holder’s device (usually a smartphone or tablet) Two-Factor Authentication is set up with the ADD AUTHENTICATION SQL commands. Duo (or) Saaspass

Password Reset Scenarios

There are several scenarios in which you’d want to reset your password

Scenario Description
Root user password reset Cirro recommends you reset the default password as soon as the system is installed.
Cirro user new account / Password reset You’ll receive an email with a temporary password which you’ll need to change on first login. You may also receive a QR code to set up an authenticator application like Google Authenticator, Duo or Saaspass.
QR code password You’ll receive a QR code in your password reset email if your account has a Timed One Time Password.
Forgotten password Force a password reset for a user who’s forgotten their password.

Root user password reset

A default password is provided for new Cirro installations. Follow these instructions to reset it.

  • Login to Cirro with the default credentials.

  • Click your username at the top right, and choose Manage Account then Change Password.

  • Enter your current password.

  • Enter your new password and confirm it, then click Change Password.

New Cirro User Account or Password Reset

You’ll receive an email message if you’ve been given a new user account or if your passwords have been reset.

The email provides you with the URL of your Cirro installation, your username and a temporary password. It may also include a link to the Cirro QR code for your authenticator app.

  • Login to Cirro using your username and the temporary password from the email.

  • Then enter the temporary password and new password on the confirmation screen.

  • Click Ok.

Now login using your new password.

Set new Timed One Time Password (TOTP)

You’ll receive an email message if your account has a Timed One Time Password.

You’ll need two devices to set up a TOTP QR code, one to display the code and one to read it. You can use any of the following authenticator apps:

  • Google Authenticator

  • Microsoft Authenticator

  • Duo

  • Saaspass

Setup an Authenticator app

  • Click the email link on the display device (e.g., your computer).

  • Open your authenticator app (e.g., Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, Duo, Saaspass).

  • Add a new QR code in the app then scan the code from the email message.

After setup, the authenticator app generates a time-limited unique six-digit password you can use as your login password, or append it to the end of your standard password.

Forgotten password

Use these steps to reset any user account password. The system emails the user account with a temporary password and link to set a new password. It may also include a link for a new QR code for an authenticator app.

  • Login to Cirro with an administrator account.

  • Click Users & Roles then View all users.

  • Find the user account then click Reset.

  • Click Yes on the confirmation message.