SSH creates a tunnel between a local Cirro port and remote Database. The database can be running on the SSH server or be another remote machine.

Before You Start

  • Set up an SSH server

  • Open a port on your remote database for the SSH server to connect to.

  • Open a port on your Cirro server for the SSH server to connect to.

  • Generate Private and Public keys for the SSH user.

Create an SSH Network Connection

  • Click Resources then Networks.

  • Click Add.

  • Choose SSH.

  • Enter a name for the network connection.

  • Enter SSH username, Hostname or IP address and SSH port number (default is 22).

  • Enter Local (Cirro) port number for SSH to communicate to.

  • Enter Target (Database) Hostname or IP address, and port number.

  • Enter the Private and Public SSH keys.

  • Click Create Connection.

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