SSH creates a tunnel between a local Cirro port and remote Database. The database can be running on the SSH server or be another remote machine.

Before you start

  • Get an OpenSSH private key from your system administrator.

Setup an SSH tunnel in Cirro

  • Click Resources then Networks.

  • Click Add.

  • First, choose SSH.

  • Next, enter a name for the network connection.

  • Now enter your SSH details.
Field Description Example Values
User SSH Username MySSH_User
SSH Host Hostname or IP address of the server running the SSH server
(SSH) Port SSH server port 22 (default)
Local Port any unused port on the cirro server greater than 1024 2992
Target Host Localhost or
(Target) Port Port for the database you’re connecting to. MySQL - 3306
Oracle - 1521</br/>Postgres - 5432
Sql-Server - 1433
Private Key The SSH private key value  
  • Last, click Create Connection.

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