Add new user accounts one at a time or in bulk, define their password types, grant database roles and privileges.

Open Manage Users

  • Click Manage Users on the Cirro homepage.

  • Click New User.

1: User Details: Add a single user

  • Enter the username.

  • Choose the authentication method, either password, one-time password, or combined.

  • Enter the user email address.

  • Enter the password if required.

  • Select the 2nd factor authentication method, either saaspass or duo.

  • Click Next.

2: Roles

Cirro has several built-in roles which enable permissions to cirro objects and target systems.

Role Description
Public All users belong to the Public Role which enables login. No permission to cirro objects and target systems. Default privileges associated with PUBLIC role are CONNECT, SET DESCRIBE and SELECT (on metadata tables). These can be changed by a system administrator, but it is not recommended. The PUBLIC role cannot be dropped.
secure_connect Execute only Passthrough SQL
federated_read_only Execute Federated Queries
federated_read_write Execute Federated Queries, DDL, and DML
data_migrator Manage and Execute Data Projects
cirro_admin Administrator
  • Tick the roles and click the arrow keys to add or remove them.
  • Click Next

3: Database Credentials

Repeat these steps for however many databases you have to add.

  • Click the + then select the Database from the list.

  • Enter username and password.

  • Click Test Connection.

  • Click Next if there are no errors.

  • Click Finish.

Next Steps

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