Add, edit or delete Cirro users, set and reset passwords, and perform any administration tasks.

Before you start

View Cirro Users

  • Click Users & Roles then View all users.

  • Click Cirro Users.

Column Description Possible Values See also
Name Account name of the user. Defined in User Security Policy ALTER POLICY
Email email address of user to send account setup, password reset messages  
Identified by Password setup. ‘password’ is a standard password, ‘totp’ is a Timed One Time Password, and ‘both’ is both standard and totp password/totp/both Setup One Time Password with Google Authenticator
2F Provider For two-factor authentication. Can be used with any combination of password type duo/saaspass ADD AUTHENTICATION
Status Displays account status Active/Disabled/Pending QR Code Validation Disable Account
Failed Attempts How many login attempts have failed x ALTER POLICY
Last Login Date of last user login. YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM  
Modified Date Date user account was last modified YYYY-MM-DD  

Create Cirro Users

Create Cirro users, grant Cirro roles and privileges and permissions on Datasources.

Search Accounts

  • Enter all or part of user details in the Search field for immediate results.

Edit User Accounts

When you edit a Cirro user account, you can make changes to password types and email address.

  • Click Edit User

  • Choose the password combination, either Standard, Timed One Time Password (used with Authentication applications), or both.

  • Choose to automatically generate the Standard Password, or enter your own.

  • Enter the email address.

  • Set the account to be always active or a start and end date, with timezone.

  • Choose the Multi-Factor Authentication system (if any).

Disable Account

Disable a user account to prevent login without deleting the account.

  • Click Disable Account.

  • Click Yes on the confirmation message.

Reset Password/Enable Account

Enable a disabled user account to generate a new password and Cirro QR code (if enabled). Two Factor Authentication is also reset if present on the account.

Cirro provides four account password combinations.

Password Type Description Value
Standard Standard user password. You can set your user security policy (SQL) with SQL commands. password
One Time Password Time limited One Time Password generated with a system-issued QR code added to an Authenticator application such as Google Authenticator totp
Combined Standard password & one-time password A combination of the above. both
Two Factor Authentication Can be applied to any combination of the above. The system uses either Duo or Saaspass to push a notification to the account holder’s device (usually a smartphone or tablet) Two-Factor Authentication is set up with the ADD AUTHENTICATION SQL commands. Duo (or) Saaspass

Set Like Another User

Duplicate an existing user roles, Cirro privileges and datasource credentials.

  • Click Set Like Another User.

  • Click Ok

Set Database Credentials

Make changes to database login credentials assigned to a user.

  • Click Users & Roles then View all users.

  • Click Set database credentials.

Repeat these steps for however many databases you have to add.

  • Click the + then select the Database from the list.

  • Enter database username and password.

  • Click Add Connection when you’re finished.

  • Click to delete any database you no longer need.

  • Click OK to finish.

Assign Roles

Cirro comes with built-in roles, and you can create your own.

  • Click Users & Roles then View all users

  • Click Assign Roles

  • Tick roles to add from the left panel and click > (Add) arrow to grant to the user

  • Click Ok when you’re finished.

Delete User

Permanently delete a Cirro user from the system.

  • Click Delete.

  • Click Yes on the confirmation message.

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