Configure different aspects of the Cirro Server via the web interface.

Cirro Version

Determine the Cirro version using these methods.

  • Click Server Settings then Cirro License


  • Click Help in the taskbar then Cirro License

Log Retention

Set how long to keep Cirro Hub and RDMBSRMS logs.

  • Click Server Settings then Log Retention.

  • Choose the period, from a day, 7 days, a month or a year.

  • click Keep Archive History if required.

  • Click Update Log Retention Settings

Setup SMTP Email

Setup an SMTP server so Cirro can email user account details and alerts.

Certificates & Keys

Encrypt client connections to the Cirro system for connections to SQL Server databases.

  • Click Server Settings then Certificates and Keys.

  • Open your key files in a text editor.

  • Copy then paste .key file content into Server Private Key field.

  • Copy then paste .crt file content into Server Certificate field.

  • Click Install Certificates when finished.

Download Server Configuration

  • Click Server Settings then Download Server Configuration.

You’ll find in your default downloads folder.

Restart Services

If Cirro won’t start or is behaving oddly, you can restart services from the command line on your Cirro server.