View logs for connection attempts, session activities and access rules.

View Connection Log

The Connection log records all user logins to Cirro, either through the web interface or via sql clients. You’ll find start and end times, Client IP address and target systems. You can also drill down on the session ID to reveal the SQL commands executed.

  • Click Secure Connect then Connection Log
Column Description
Session ID string of digits used to identify the session
Start Time Time session began
End time Time session finished
Client IP IP address of connection
Login Cirro username
Target System Datasource the user connected to
Fail Reason Connection failure message
  • Enter a string in the column header fields then click to filter.

  • Click Save to download the log to your default download folder.

  • Click the Session ID link to open the Connection Statements for that session. You can also find this information in the Session Log for that ID.

View Session Log

The session log records all SQL commands executed for a given session. This is a collected version of the connection statements available through the Connection Log

  • Click Secure Connect and Session Log
Column Description
Session ID String of digits Cirro uses to identify the session. Identical to Connection Log.
User The Cirro username logged in during the session.
Created Server date and time the session was created
Status Active indicates session is still ongoing and user is connected. SESSION_END indicates session has concluded with disconnection.
Summary Description of SQL query success or failure, source and destination (if applicable), number of rows moved, errors.
Click the caret to expand.
Latest Activity date of most recent activity using the query.
Latest Query SQL query in full.

Use the to expand the connection statements and view additional information.

  • Show internal steps - tick this option to display Cirro specific activities that are executed to complete specified tasks, such as dropping tables during data moves.

  • Show metadata queries - tick this option to display underlying tasks which Cirro performs during normal operation. These are underlying SQL statements which must be executed to implement the intent of the original Cirro statement.

  • Data Projects - any data projects which may execute during the session. Success or failure is reported together with complete SQL queries and beginning and end.

View Access Rule Log

Alert logs record activity on access rules set to record in the log.

  • Click Secure Connect and Access Rule Log
Column Description
Connection Each attempted connection to Cirro gets its own ID, whether successful or failed. Click the link to view available details.
Rule user specified rule name
Matched true if rule was matched by condition
Log Message message specified by alert
Inserted Date date rule triggered
  • Enter a string in the column header fields then click to filter the results.

  • Click Save to download the log to your default download folder.

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