Manage datasources, including relational databases within Cirro for use with data management and Secure Connect users.

Before you start

  • Get the source/hostname, database name and Port ID of any database you want to connect to.

  • You’ll also need a username and password which Cirro uses to connect to the datasource. Its privileges should correspond to the level of access you want.

View All Datasources

You can view, add, edit or delete datasources from here.

  • Click Resources then Datasources.
Column Description
Name User supplied descriptive name for use in Cirro
Available? Enabled
Type Type of datasource such as Oracle or Postgres
Server Host server containing the database
Login User login account to connect to Database
Database Database on the host server
data management Enabled
  • Hover your mouse pointer over the Enabled or Disabled icons to get more information.

Add Datasource

Add a datasource to Cirro using a driver you’ve already set up and datasource credentials. You can modify advanced settings and enable the datasource for use with data management.

Add Datasource

  • Click Resources then Datasources.

  • Click Add Datasource

  • Enter the datasource name and choose the type. These will determine the fields that follow.

  • Choose the driver or click Add Driver

  • Enter the connection details requested by Cirro.

Additional Functions Description
Enable for data management data management allows free movement of data between different databases. Enabling the datasource for data management does two things:
* Allows the datasource to be used as a system of multiple datasources within Cirro.
* Enables additional fields, accessible when you click Additional Settings.
Additional Settings Additional Settings enables a collection of fields used to further configure your database should you require.
Preview Click Preview to view the SQL that will be used to create the Datasource in Cirro.
  • Click Save when finished.

Edit Datasource

If you’re editing a datasource take care to ensure it’s not in use at the time.

  • Click Resources then Datasources.

  • Click Edit Datasource from the Actions Menu.

  • Edit the Name or any settings.

  • Click Save when finished.

Delete Datasource

Take care when deleting datasources to make sure there are no dependencies such as data management Projects or logged in users

  • Click Resources then Datasources.

  • Click Delete Datasource from the Actions Menu.

  • Click Yes on the confirmation message.