Manage datasources, including relational databases within Cirro for use with Data Management and Secure Connect users.

View All Datasources

View, add, edit or delete datasources from the View All Datasources page.

  • Click Resources then Datasources.
Column Description
Name User supplied name of datasource
Available? Enabled
Type Type of datasource such as Oracle or Postgres.
Server Host server containing the database.
Login User login account to connect to Database.
Database Database on the host server.
Data Management Enabled
  • Hover your mouse pointer over the Enabled or Disabled icons to get more information.

Add Datasource

Cirro supports over twenty database types. Add yours with these instructions.

Edit Datasource

Make changes to a Datasource including setting it up for use in Data Management, or changing drivers.

Delete Datasource

  • Click Resources then Datasources.

  • Click Delete Datasource from the Actions Menu.

  • Click Yes on the confirmation message.