Set default and fallback authentication providers to improve security for Cirro accounts, as well as adding default directory services such as LDAP, Azure or Active Directory.

Before you start

How does it work?

We’ve created a demonstration of how Cirro authentication works.

View Authentication Providers

  • Choose Users & Roles then Authentication Settings.
Column Description
Name User supplied name for authentication provider
Type Type of provider, currently chosen from Saaspass 2FA or Push, and Duo
Default Included in the authentication chain order of execution
Cirro Service Cirro-specific authentication, including password and Timed One-Time Password
Supports MFA Supports Multi-factor authentication.
Directory Services Authentication provides directory services.
Synchronized Users have been synchronized with Cirro and available in Users & Roles > Users > View all Users
Properties These are derived from the General tab fields during provider setup.

There are also five actions:

Action Description More information
Add provider Add supported authentication providers.  
Edit provider Edit an already established provider. For security reasons, we don’t display login credentials, so you’ll need to provide these yourself. Edit provider
Validate Provider Check if the provider username and password are correct Validate Provider
Delete Provider Remove the provider from the system. Take care as this is permanent. Delete Provider
Set Authentication Chain Set the order Cirro executes authentication services Set Authentication Chain

Add Provider

Cirro supports these authentication providers:

Edit a provider

  • Choose Users & Roles then Authentication Settings.

  • Click Edit for the provider.

  • Enter the values.

  • Click Update Provider.

Validate a provider

  • Click Validate Provider.

  • Enter the authentication username and password, then click Authenticate.

Delete a provider

  • Choose Users & Roles then Authentication Settings.

  • Click Delete for the provider.

  • Click Yes on the confirmation.

Set Directory Services Authentication Chain

You can set authentication providers to execute services one after another

  • Click the field to view a list of all your authentication providers.

  • Tick each provider in order of preference.

  • Click Update to save.