View Cirro's system logs to troubleshoot issues you may be experiencing. Passwords are obfuscated to maintain security.

View Hub Log

The Cirro hub log contains all SQL queries and any errors that happen on the system.

  • Click Logs then Hub Log.

  • Click to refresh the page.

View RDBMS Agent Log

The RDBMS log contains all output from any Cirro Agents running during data move activities.

  • Click Logs then RDBMS Log.

  • Click to refresh the page.

View Secure Connect Logs

View logs for connection attempts, session activities and access rules.

Generate Support Bundle

The support bundle zips the four Cirro log files – Hub, RDBMS, Web and Derby – ready to email to Cirro Support.

  • Click Download Support Bundle

  • Browse for a download folder, then click OK

Restart Services

If Cirro won’t start or is behaving oddly, you can restart services from the command line on your Cirro server.

Set Log Retention Settings

Choose how long to keep Cirro Logs for.