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Frequently Asked Questions

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How to Check Service Status Page Check Cirro services with these commands.
Create alternate server root user Page It is an industry standard best-practice to run most commands a non-root user. However a number of activities require escalated privileges. To improve securi...
Disable Cirro root account Page For security reasons, we recommend you create your own admin-level accounts then disable the Cirro root super-user account.
Invalid Certificate Authority Page Some users may experience this error when connecting to Cirro Virtual Appliances or Server installations
Permissions Errors for the /home/ Directory Page The Cirro installer creates user accounts and installs software and configuration files in /home directory. If this is not accessible, permissions and/or acc...
RDBMS Agent missing on self-hosted installation Page Issue will only occur in self-hosted Cirro installations.
How do I Restart Services? Page Follow these instructions to restart services required by Cirro.
Set server time and timezone Page Use the command line to set the Cirro server time and timezone.
Upgrade Cirro Server Page Upgrade your Cirro server installation with these steps. Cirro recommends you use a sudo group user rather than root to improve security.