Install Cirro Server on VMWare Workstation.


Before installation, you’ll need to get a Cirro account and setup a License plan. Then download the license and the server installer. Download VMWare, then perform the installation and configuration steps. And last, complete post-installation tasks, reset the root password and setup the SMTP server.

Get a Cirro account and license

Start by creating a Cirro account and license plan.

Then download the license and installer.

  • Click Account at the top right of your account.

  • Download the License file.

  • Download the Cirro Virtual Appliance.

Get VMWare

Get VMWare if not already installed.

Install Cirro

Once you’ve copied the Virtual Appliance to the server, unzip it to the default folder.

Open VMWare

Open VMWare then follow these steps to import the Cirro Virtual Appliance.

  • First, choose Player then File and Open.

  • Next, browse for the virtual appliance and select it. Click Open

  • Last, change the virtual appliance name, and choose a different folder. Then click Import

When complete you’ll have a new tab in VMWare to start and stop your Virtual Machine

Start the Virtual Machine

Start the Virtual Machine and make note of the IP address.

VM started image

Post Installation

It’s a four step process to finalize the installation.

Cirro started in browser image
  • First, start the virtual machine and wait for the setup to complete. When successfully started, you’ll see these items at a command line interface:
Values Description Example
Connection URL Connect to Cirro with this address. This will differ from the example.
Cirro admin login credentials The Root user for your Cirro installation. This is the superuser with access to all functionality based on your license root/cirrouser
Linux server root credentials The root/superuser for the Virtual Machine. Use this to perform server commands root/linuxroot
  • Second, open a browser and enter the URL from the command line.

  • Third, add your license file.

  • Click Choose File and browse for your Cirro License file license.txt.

  • Fourth, add the Java Developer Kit JDK jdk-8u144-x64.tar.gz or greater.

    • Click Oracle Java Download and click accept license agreement then download the correct file.

    • Click Choose File and add the JDK file to Cirro once the download is complete.

  • Last, click Install to finish.

The browser will refresh and you’ll see the Upload Result Page. Either wait for the page to refresh, or do it yourself.


Check out the installation FAQs if you get into trouble.

Login to Cirro and disable Cirro Root user

For security reasons we recommend creating your own Cirro Super-user accounts.

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