Access these functions to query Hadoop data and perform data manipulations.


To call Cirro functions from SQL, compose a SELECT statement in this format:

SELECT alias.* FROM CirroFunctions.Cirro.functionName(inputSource, arguments) alias;


  • alias: An alias for the results of the query.

  • functionName: The Cirro function name. For example, “Cirro_Twitter_Parse”.

  • inputSource: The Hadoop source, another Cirro function query, or a SELECT statement to a relational database.

  • arguments: A comma-separated list of arguments for the function. See the Cirro Functions Guide for information on the

Additional Information

  • The Cirro_To_Pivot and Cirro_To_Sheet functions cannot be used from SQL.


The following are properly-formed Cirro function calls from SQL:

-- This example shows a simple Cirro_Twitter_Parse function call.
SELECT A.* FROM CirroFunctions.Cirro.Cirro_Twitter_Parse(
) A;

-- This example shows another Cirro function as the inputSource.
SELECT A.* FROM CirroFunctions.Cirro.Cirro_To_Lower(
),' text'
) A;


-- This example shows a relational database table as the source for the Cirro function.
SELECT A.* FROM CirroFunctions.Cirro.Cirro_To_Lower(
SELECT word FROM MYSQL.orders2012.s1.word) b,'text'
) A;