With Cirro services you can comprehensively secure your databases, and migrate data accurately from database to database.

Hosted Cirro

We'll provision Cirro services for a small monthly fee.

Host on Cirro Servers

Virtual Appliance

Install Cirro in a Virtual Machine.

License VA

Install VA

Manual Installation

Install Cirro on your own servers.

Server Requirements

License Server

Install Server

Hadoop & NoSQL

Get help installing and setting up Cirro for Hadoop & NoSQL systems.

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Cirro supports simultaneous connections to these database types:

Aurora BigSQL Cassandra Derby
EDB Postgres GreenPlum Hadoop Hawq
Hive Hive Cloudera_5_7 Hive Horton_2_4 Impala
InfiniDB MySQL Netezza Oracle
Postgresql RDBMSRMS Redshift SQLFire
SQL Server Squoop SybaseASE SybaseIQ
Teradata Vertica    

Free License

You can trial and use Cirro free of charge on your own server or Virtual Machine with no expiry date.

The free license includes:

  • Up to five Cirro user accounts.

  • Connection to an unlimited number of relational databases.

  • Move up to one million rows per day.

  • Two federated databases with unlimited server cores.

Login to Cirro

The first time you login to Cirro you’ll use the root username and password.

  • For Cirro hosted: Open a Web Browser and your Cirro domain (yourdomainname.cirro.com)

  • For Virtual Machines: Start the Virtual Machine and use the IP address, username and passwords listed on screen to connect via your browser.

  • For Self-hosted: Connect to Cirro using the username and password you defined at the IP address you’ve set.

Configure Cirro

You’ll need to set up Cirro to access your databases and to create users for SQL editors.

Set up your SQL Editor

Finally, here’s instructions to set up different SQL editors in different environments so they’ll connect to Cirro.