You've four ways to get Cirro for your organization - Cloud hosted with us, as a Virtual Appliance, installed on your own servers or hosted through Amazon Web Services.

Installing for Hadoop & NoSQL systems?

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Change License Plan Page A cirro license is determined by the conditions set out on the Plan page. You can change your plan conditions at any time to upgrade, downgrade or cancel you...
Create an account and a Cirro License Plan Page This page takes you through the process of creating a Cirro account and setup of a plan to generate a license for a Cirro installation.
Sales FAQ Page We've gathered together frequently asked questions about sales and licensing.
Install Cirro on Amazon Web Services AMI Page These steps guide you through installing and configuring Cirro on an Amazon Web Services EC2 instance.
Install Cirro Server on your machine Page Install Cirro manually on a local Linux Ubuntu, Red Hat or Centos server.
Install Cirro Virtual Appliance (Virtual Machine) Page Install Cirro Command Centre on any Virtual Machine.
Manage Licenses in Cirro Page View and add a new Cirro license to your Cirro Hosted or Virtual Appliance.
Upgrade Cirro Server Page Upgrade your Cirro server installation with these steps.

Where do you want to start?

Create Account and License Plan

Start by creating a Cirro account then set up a new license plan.

Choose Hosted in the Cloud and we'll manage the Cirro system for you on a server in your region.

New Account
License Plan

Change your
License Plan

Virtual Appliance

Install Cirro in a Virtual Machine.

Install VA

Reset Root Password

Manual Installation

Install Cirro on your own Linux Ubuntu, Red Hat or Centos server.

Server Install

Reset Root Password

Upgrade Server

Install Cirro on AWS EC2 systems

Get help installing and setting up Cirro for Amazon Web Server.

Install AWS

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