You've four ways to get Cirro for your organization - Cloud hosted with us, as a Virtual Appliance, installed on your own servers or hosted through Amazon Web Services.

Installation Requirements

Your server needs to meet these minimum requirements to install Cirro.


Each server must include:

  • Minimum: 2 Core CPU, 4GB
  • Recommended: 4 Core CPU, 8 GB (Additional 4 GB per 10,000 queries per hour)
  • Hard Drive: 5 GB for installer, 30GB at least for query history retention.


  • Outgoing traffic - Whitelist all Database IP addresses.
  • Network - enable the network so the system can download packages.

Install Cirro

Step One: Get your account and License

Create a Cirro Account

Sign up for your free account at

Register Account

Contact Sales Support to discuss additional licensing needs.

Contact Sales Support


Login to Cirro and open the Account page where you'll find your free license and a downloadable virtual appliance or server installer.

Login to Cirro Account

Step Two: Choose your installation type

Choose from Virtual Machines, Server Installation or Amazon AWS Ec2.

Install a Virtual Appliance

Download the Cirro Virtual Appliance for a fast install into the HyperVisor of your choice.





Install on server

Install Cirro on your own Linux Ubuntu, Red Hat or Centos server.

Centos Server

Redhat Server

Ubuntu Server

Upgrade Server

Install on Amazon

Install Cirro on your own AWS instance.

Install AWS

Step Three: Post Installation Steps

Perform these post-installation steps to conclude the process.

Create Superuser & Disable ROOT

For security reasons, we recommend you create your own admin-level accounts then disable the Cirro root super-user account.

Create Superuser, Disable ROOT

Setup SMTP Server

Cirro requires an SMTP server to email alerts and notify Cirro users of updates to their accounts

SMTP Settings