Cirro has a built-in SQL Query tool for use on Data Puppy datasources. It also recognises Cirro's four-part table names.

Open Federated Query Builder

  • Click Data Puppy then Federated Query.

The treeview gives access to all the datasources you’re granted through direct privileges and roles. Expand each node to view the database structure.

Tree Icons Description
Cirro Cirro-specific databases.
Datasource_Name Datasource is connected.
Datasource_Name Datasource is disconnected.
Mouseover and click to paste the node to the editor.

Use the Editor for your SQL query. You’ll find supported SQL grammar in our SQL Guide.

Click… Description
Fetch… Choose up to 10,000 rows to fetch with your query. The default is 1000.
Select a specific line or execute the entire your query.
Query tab View query results
Script Output View runtime messages and errors.
Download the query results as a .csv file.

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