Cirro has a built-in SQL Query tool for use on Data Puppy datasources. It also recognises Cirro's four-part table names.

Open Federated Query Builder

  • Click Data Puppy then Federated Query.

You’ll see a tree view of all datasources you’re granted access to through direct privileges and roles.

Tree Icons Description
Datasource_Name Datasource is connected.
Datasource_Name Datasource is disconnected.
Mouseover and click to copy node to Query.
  • Hover your mouse pointer over each node to get a connection message (e.g., Last successful connection, Timed Out, etc. )

  • Expand the tree-view to view the database structure of all datasources.

  • Click Execute to execute your query.

  • Click the Query tab to view query results, or Script Output for runtime messages and errors.

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