Cirro has a built-in SQL Query tool for use on Data Management datasources. It also recognises Cirro's four-part table names.

Click Data Management then Federated Query.

The Datasource Tree gives access to all the Datasources you’re granted through direct credentials, object privileges and roles.

  • Expand each node to view the database structure.

  • Hover your mouse pointer over each node to get a connection message (e.g., Last successful connection, Timed Out, etc.)

Tree nodes Description
Cirro Cirro-specific databases.
Datasource_Name Datasource is connected.
Datasource_Name Datasource is disconnected.

These actions are available on the tree.

Action Description
Click to copy the node into the text panel.
Click to paste View SQL into the text panel.

The right side of the page is divided into the Script panel where you enter your queries, the Script output and Query results tabs.

You can perform these actions:

Action Description
Run Execute SQL from the cursor position or on a selected line.
FETCH Click Fetch to choose the number of rows to return in any query.
Download query results as a .csv file.