Use the credentials matrix to view all user and role access to datasources in Cirro.

View Credentials

  • Click Secure Connect then Credentials Matrix

  • Mouse over to see a full description of the credential and how it’s granted. For example for a datasource “MyDataSource” and user “CirroUser” the description could be:

User CirroUser has access to the datasource MyDataSource via the role MyDatasourceRole

(The role MyDataSourceRole is indirectly applied via Data_Role)


Item Description
Datasource Name Datasources are added to Cirro then access is granted either directly to users and roles, or via a role. The DBA should create group-specific logins for different purposes (e.g., DBA, user queries, etc)
Direct Credential Where a user is granted direct access to a datasource, rather than via a role.
Role Name A Role can have datasource credentials as well as cirro privileges and is granted to different user groups. For example, a DBA group. Also, roles can be granted to roles.
User Name Users can be granted roles and direct credentials.

Edit Datasource

Edit a datasource by clicking the Datasource Name at the top of the page.

  • Edit the Name or any settings.
  • Click Save when finished.

Edit User

You can edit a user via the Credentials Matrix by clicking the User Name.

  • Choose the password combination, either Standard, Timed One Time Password (used with Authentication applications), or both.

  • Choose to automatically generate the Standard Password, or enter your own.

  • Enter the email address.

  • Set the account to be always active or a start and end date, with timezone.

  • Choose the Multi-Factor Authentication system (if any).

Edit Role

Click the Role Name to open the Edit Role wizard.

Step Option Description
One Grant Roles to Role Add all the Cirro privileges and datasource permissions in an existing role to a new role. Select the role and use arrow keys to grant or revoke.
Two Select Permissions Use arrow keys to grant or revoke Cirro permissions to the role. Cirro permissions grant access to different functions within the application.
Three Select Object Permissions Drill down and grant specific object permissions to a role. Access to datasources is determined by permissions granted to the logged in user.
  • Follow the steps in the wizard and make your alterations.

  • Click Finish when you’re done.