CREATE ENCRYPTION KEY creates an encryption key within the system, saving it to a specified location.


[AT LOCATION 'path/to/file' | WITH VALUE 'avalueforthekey']
[WITH PASSWORD 'password']


  • key_name - user specified name of encryption key file within Cirro.

  • new_key_name - new name for key.

  • AT LOCATION - specified folder where the key file is saved. This can be left out if a key value is provided. However, the file must exist at the location if this argument is used.

  • VALUE - specified value for encryption key. Use this if you want to store the key internally within Cirro. Must be ASCII characters.

  • PASSWORD - use to password protect the encryption key.


create encryption key demokeywithpass at location '/myfolder/key/mykey.key' with password 'CirroKeyPassword'
ALTER ENCRYPTION KEY 'my-key-file' NAME 'another-key-name' WITH VALUE 'jkhnsdiuaqhrnuje3n%deucyewq947321984iujq2d98qwa7e3213721'  PASSWORD 'MyB3tterP4ssw0Rd')

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