You can login with a Cirro account or Azure, LDAP or Active Directory account if this is set-up.

Cirro user: First time login or Password reset

You’ll receive an email message from Cirro when your user account is created or when you receive a password reset.

It contains:

  • Your Cirro user ID - the name you use to login with.

  • A temporary password - this can only be used once, and immediately after you’re prompted to enter your own password.

  • A link to the Cirro One Time Password QR code (if set up)

  • A link to the selected Two-Factor Authentication code (if set up)

  • The dates your account is valid

Login to Cirro

When you want to login to Cirro, either through the application web interface or through a SQL Editor, you must enter the password in the correct form.

Password type Description Example
Standard A standard password is a mix of text and numbers, determined by the user. myC1rr0Password
Cirro Timed One-Time Password A Cirro Timed One-Time Password is a six digit self-expiring code generated by an authenticator app such as Google Authenticator and based on a Cirro QR code generated by the application. 495867
Standard and Timed One-Time Password Used in the form StandardPasswordNNNNNN myC1rr0Password495867
Standard and Two Factor Authentication A standard password entered by the user, then authenticator app asks for confirmation. myC1rr0Password
Confirm in authenticator app when contacted

First Time Login for Azure, LDAP or Active Directory users

Register with Cirro’s web interface using your Azure, LDAP or Active Directory account credentials. This is required for first time users.

Your administrator may also have set a Cirro Timed One-Time password for added security.

After registration you can login to the Cirro web interface or through your SQL Editor.


  • Enter your Azure or LDAP username and password then click Login

  • If prompted, scan the displayed QR code into your authentication app. This generates a timed six digit passcode to add to your standard password when you login next.

First time login

Login to Cirro’s web interface or through a SQL editor using your Azure AD, LDAP or Active Directory account details.

If you’ve been issued a Cirro Timed One-Time Password, append this to the end of your standard password.

For example, for an authenticator code 928374, enter:

UserID: MyLDAPUser

Password: MyLDAPPassword928374

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