Login to Cirro with your Cirro account, or an LDAP or Azure AD account.

Password types

Cirro offers several authentication methods.

Password type Description Example
Standard A standard password is a mix of text and numbers, determined by the user. myC1rr0Password
Cirro Timed One-Time Password A Cirro Timed One-Time Password is a six digit self-expiring code generated by an authenticator app such as Google Authenticator and based on a Cirro QR code generated by the application. 495867
Standard and Timed One-Time Password Used in the form StandardPasswordNNNNNN myC1rr0Password495867
Standard and Two Factor Authentication A standard password entered by the user, then authenticator app asks for confirmation. myC1rr0Password
Confirm in authenticator app when contacted

Cirro Users - first time login/password reset

You’ll receive an email message from Cirro when your user account is created or when you receive a password reset.

The email will contain:

  • Your Cirro user ID - the name you use to login with.

  • A temporary password - Use this then enter your own password. this can only be used once, and immediately after you’re prompted to enter your own password.

  • A link to the Cirro One Time Password QR code (if set up).

  • A link to the selected Two-Factor Authentication code (if set up).

  • The dates your account is valid.

When you login for the first time, you’ll be prompted to reset your password.

Reset Password

  • Login to Cirro using your username and the temporary password from the email.

  • Then enter the temporary password and new password on the confirmation screen.

  • Click Ok.

Now login using your new password.

User Account has Timed One-Time Password

If you’re issued a Timed One-Time Password (TOTP), you’ll also need to set-up an Authenticator App like Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, Duo or Saaspass. These are all available on Apple and Android app stores.

After setup, the authenticator app generates a time-limited unique six-digit password you can use as your login password, or append it to the end of your standard password.

Setup Timed One-Time password

  • Open your computer and the Cirro account email.

  • Click the Timed One-Time Password link which opens a browser window with the QR code.

  • Now open your authenticator app.

  • Add a new service in the app then scan the QR code from the browser window.

User Account has Two Factor Authentication

Your administrator will issue a code for you via the two-factor authentication system.

You’ll need to add this code to the appropriate application. Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, Duo or Saaspass are available on Apple and Android app stores.

After setup, the two-factor app will notify you whenever your username and password are used to login to Cirro.

Confirm the message to complete your login.

LDAP or Azure AD Users

LDAP or Azure AD users must first register their accounts through the Cirro web interface.

Your System Administrator will advise you if you also have a Cirro Timed One-Time Password or Two-Factor Authentication.

  • Open your Cirro server web interface, then enter your Azure or LDAP username.

  • Enter your password and remember to append the Cirro Timed One-Time Password if it was issued.

Once this is complete, you can logout and use a SQL Client to login to your databases.

Login with a SQL Client

Login to Cirro using the same username and password combination as you use for the web interface.


Check these issues if you’re having trouble logging in.

Issue Description See also Requires
Unable to login to Cirro Web or SQL client Standard message stating login is not possible. - Check Service Status
- Check if the user has a Timed One-Time password or Two-Factor authentication.
- Verify if the user account email address matches the two-factor authentication account.
Physical server login permissions
Unable to login with Azure or LDAP account The user has an externally managed login account and cannot login. - Check if the user has logged into the web interface
Configure Azure AD Provider
- Configure LDAP provider
Azure or LDAP server permissions
Your account has been disabled An administrator may manually disable an account, or the user might have logged in too many times. Reset Password ALTER USER
Your account is not yet valid or has expired Your account has been set-up with a specific range of dates when it’s active. Manage Profile ALTER USER
You’re attempting to login from a blocked IP address The administrator can set Access Rules to allow logins ONLY from specific IP address ranges Manage Access Rules ALTER POLICY
You’re attempting to login outside hours The Administrator can set Access Rules to allow logins ONLY between specific hours and/or days and dates. Manage Access Rules ALTER POLICY
The account ‘Root’ is locked. Please contact your Cirro administrator. The Cirro Root (super administrator) user account has been locked. - Reset Root Password
- Contact Cirro if you’re on a Cirro hosted installation.
Physical server login permissions