If you're having trouble logging in with your Azure account, check these solutions.


Cannot login to Cirro with Azure AD user account.


  • Cirro setup steps may be incorrect

  • User isn’t in correct Azure group linked to Cirro role.

  • User is using Azure Two Factor Authentication to login.

  • User account rejected at login with error “Login Failed, Invalid username or password” error.

User isn’t in correct Azure group

Check Azure

  • Login to Azure

  • Click Azure Active Directory > Groups > [Cirro Group] > Confirm user is in the group.

Check Cirro

  • Login to Cirro.

  • Click Users & Roles > View all roles > Edit the Azure role > Click Next and confirm the Connect privilege is granted in right column grid.

Azure two-factor authentication

At this time Cirro does not support Azure two-factor authentication.

You can set up Azure as an authentication provider and use Cirro’s Timed one-time password or Duo or Saaspass. These require an app.

Login Failed error

Check password

  • Check the user has entered the correct Azure password.

  • Check the user has added their two-factor authentication password to the end of their Azure password. For example:

Password: MyAzurePassword123456

Check Azure AD App is enabled

Perform this confirmation step if required.

  • SSH to your Cirro server and open /opt/cirro/var/log/cirro_fqod.log

  • Check the log file for the following error:

The user or administrator has not consented to use the application with ID...

If this error is present, follow these instructions to enable the Azure app.

  • Login to Azure as an administrator user.

  • Click Azure Active Directory > App Registrations (Preview) > [Your Cirro App] > API Permissions.

  • Scroll down and click Grant admin consent for cirro.