Activate Cirro Log Config File debug levels to aid in error correction. Log Config files are standard log4j format.

This is a four step process:

  • Make a local copy of the log config file

  • Edit cirro_env.local to point to the local copy

  • Edit the local copy of the config file to debug

  • Restart Cirro

Make a copy of the log config file

Copy the config files to a local folder.

  • SSH to the Cirro server and login as su

sudo su-

  • Copy the required files to a new folder. In these examples, /localpath/ is the local path for the copied file

cp /opt/cirro/var/fqe_log.cfg /localpath/fqe_log.cfg

cp /opt/cirro/cirro/bin/rdbmsd_log.cfg /localpath/rdbmsd_log.cfg

cp /opt/cirro/cirro/bin/webd_log.cfg /localpath/webd_log.cfg

cp /opt/cirro/cirro/bin/hadoopd_log.cfg /localpath/hadoopd_log.cfg

cp /opt/cirro/cirro/bin/sqoopd_log.cfg /localpath/sqoopd_log.cfg

cp /opt/cirro/cirro/bin/hived_log.cfg /localpath/hived_log.cfg

Edit cirro_env.local

Edit cirro_env.local to point to the copied config files.

  • Edit the cirro_env.local file.

vi /opt/cirro/var/cirro_env.local

  • Edit the following lines as required, where /localpath/ is the location of the copied file.

export CIRRO_FQE_LOG_CFG="/localpath/fqe_log.cfg"

export CIRRO_RDBMSD_LOG_CFG="/localpath/rdbmsd_log.cfg"

export cirro_uiD_LOG_CFG="/localpath/webd_log.cfg"

export CIRRO_HADOOPD_LOG_CFG="/localpath/hadoopd_log.cfg"

export CIRRO_SQOOPD_LOG_CFG="/localpath/squoopd_log.cfg"

export CIRRO_HIVED_LOG_CFG="/localpath/hived_log.cfg"

Edit the log config file to set for Debug

Set the copied config files to debug mode.

  • In your SSH window, edit the copied file(s). For example:

vi /localpath/fqe_log.cfg

Where /localpath/ is the local folder you copied the file to.

  • Edit the following lines:

log4j.rootLogger=debug, CirroLogFile

Restart Cirro

Restart Cirro services so the system will use the copied config files.