Learn about Cirro, how to install and set it up, add databases and onboard users.

Install and Configure Cirro

Follow these instructions to install and configure Cirro for your organization.

Step One: Installation

Register an account and download your free Cirro License and installer.

Get Cirro

Register for a client account and download the Cirro license, then decide which product type you want - Virtual Machine, Linux server or Amazon AWS.

Get Cirro

Contact Support

Contact Sales Support to discuss additional licensing needs.

Contact Sales Support

Step Two: Add Your Datasources

Add your databases to Cirro’s no-perimeter, zero trust infrastructure. Cirro supports 20 different database types, from Oracle and SQL Server to Gemfire, Hawq and even BigSQL. Then use Data Projects to easily copy, migrate, subset, transform and compare & synchronize your data.

Data Management

Add your databases to Cirro's no-perimeter, zero trust infrastructure.

Get Started

Configure Hadoop or NoSQL

Contact Sales Support for help configuring Hadoop or NoSQL systems to work with Cirro.

Contact Sales Support

Create Data Projects

A Data Project encapsulates all the necessary configuration, mappings, transformation logic and settings to copy data as complete tables or columns between Datasources, or validate they are synchronized.

Data Projects

Step Three: Onboard Users and Setup Roles

Use Access Control to determine who can login to Cirro, and Data Control to create roles that determine datasource access.

Access Control

Find out what Zero Trust means, add authentication providers like Duo, Okta, Saaspass and Unloq.io, then add your users.

Access Control

Data Control

Cirro Data Control allows you to easily manage access to your data without the need to change anything on your Database. Use roles to determine database access, then assign them to users.

Data Control

Step Four: Login and Go to Work

Once you’re issued a Cirro login, you can connect to the application or setup SQL Clients.

Login with a Cirro account

Login to Cirro with your Cirro account

Login to Cirro

Then change your password, find out what databases you have access to, what roles and credentials you have, and toggle the Cirro Server theme if you prefer to use the web interface.

Manage my user profile

Login to Cirro with a Directory Services account

Login to Cirro with an Azure AD, LDAP or Okta account.

Login with an Azure AD account

Login with an LDAP account

Login with an Okta account

Setup SQL Client

Connect to Oracle, SQL-Server, or databases that use the MySQL or Postgres wire protocol.

Direct Connect

Connect to Cirro using ODBC or JDBC drivers and perform Federated queries across your databases.

ODBC and JDBC SQL Clients

You can also use Cirro's built-in Federated Query Builder.

Federated Query Builder

Cirro SQL Guide

See our SQL guide for all CirroSQL and supported SQL92 queries you can run.

Cirro SQL Guide

Learn how to make changes to your database structure and copy, mask and transform data across databases.

Data Management