Cirro acts as a secure middleman between your chosen SQL Query editor and your databases. You can set your network up to only accept connections from the Cirro Server, thus reducing the possibility of unauthorized access. Connect to Cirro using the SQL Query Editor of choice, and your Databases are accessible.

What is Cirro?

The Cirro application sits between client SQL query software and your database systems, creating a secure way to connect and perform work. It has several features, the most important of which are Secure Connect and Migrator.

Cirro Secure Connect

Once you’ve set up databases and users, you can use your favorite SQL editor to connect via Cirro to your database to perform any work you need to complete.

Cirro Migrator

Cirro handles migration of data between databases, even if they’re from different vendors (e.g., Oracle to SQL Server). Cirro Migrator ensures data intended for migration is relevant, objectively correct, coherent, consistent, complete, within the parameters of the business, up to date, easily accessible and exported to the target application, as well as complies with regulatory standards.

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