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Add Duo Authentication Provider Page Add Duo as an authentication provider to Cirro.
Setup Two Factor Authentication for Duo Page Set up Duo Two Factor Authentication and you'll receive a confirmation call whenever you or anyone else uses your account to login. Follow the prompts to all...
Add Saaspass Authentication Provider Page Add Saaspass as an authentication provider to Cirro.
Setup Two Factor Authentication for Saaspass Page Set up Duo Two Factor Authentication and you'll receive a confirmation call whenever you or anyone else uses your account to login. Follow the prompts to all...
Change License Conditions Page A cirro license is determined by the conditions set out on the Plan page. You can change your plan conditions at any time to upgrade, downgrade or cancel you...
Cirro Login Page You can login with a Cirro account or Azure, LDAP or Active Directory account if this is set-up.
Create Data Move Project Page It's a simple three-step process to migrate data between Cirro databases.
Create Role Page Roles are collections of permissions to Cirro and to database objects.
Create User Page Create a Cirro user account manually, through bulk upload, set passwords and authentication.
Database Driver List Page Download database drivers to use when setting up drivers in Cirro. These are then used when you set up your datasources.
Listener Configuration for Secure Connect/Direct Connect Page Configure Database listeners for Postgres, Oracle, Sql-Server and MySQL databases to ensure Direct Connect works properly.
Edit a Data Move Project Page Once you've created your Data Move Project you can edit any of the settings.
Federated Query Builder Page Cirro has a built-in SQL Query tool for use on Data Puppy datasources. It also recognises Cirro's four-part table names.
Cirro Version Page After installation, you can determine the Cirro version installed on your system using these methods.
Setup SMTP Email Page Use these steps for Cirro Virtual Appliance or Self-hosted installations to email account details to users.
Setup SSL for SQL-Server Page Encrypt client connections to the Cirro system for connections to SQL-Server databases.
Log Retention Settings Page Set how long to keep Cirro Hub and RDMBSRMS logs.
View Cirro Server Logs Page View Cirro logs and set log retention.
Manage Access Rules Page Set up access rules to manage when and how users can login to Cirro.
Manage Alert Actions Page Set up connection alerts for Secure Connect users which can notify via email or any HTML compliant system.
Manage Authentication Providers Page Set default and fallback authentication providers to improve security for Cirro accounts, as well as adding default directory services such as LDAP, Azure or...
Manage Azure Users Page Microsoft Azure users can login to Cirro once the system is configured and roles created.
View Data Move Projects Page Cirro data projects are a collection of settings which enable Cirro to move data from one datasource to another (e.g., All schemas in an Oracle database move...
Manage Datasource Drivers Page Add a datasource driver to Cirro to enable connection to any supported database, including Oracle, SQL-Server and MySQL.
Manage Datasources Page Manage datasources, including relational databases within Cirro for use with Data Puppy and Secure Connect users.
Manage Active Directory Users Page Active Directory users are largely handled outside Cirro, however you can reset QR codes and grant Cirro roles and privileges.
Manage Licenses Page View and add a new Cirro license to your Cirro Hosted or Virtual Appliance.
Manage Multi-Part Object Name Mappings Page Cirro works with four-part object names, in the form: db.catalog.schema.object. These enable interaction with different RDBMS. However, many SQL Query Editor...
Manage Network Connections Page Setup OpenVPN, IPSec or SSH network connections to enable Cirro to connect securely to datasources.
Manage Roles Page You can add, edit or delete Cirro roles, assign them to users or other roles, and grant them database privileges.
Manage Secure Connect Logs Page View logs for connection attempts, session activities and access rules.
Manage Users Page Add, edit or delete users, set and reset passwords, and perform any administration tasks.
Manage User Credentials with SQL Page Grant Database Credentials to a Cirro user account.
Manage Roles with SQL Page Use these SQL commands to grant or revoke roles from Cirro user accounts. You can also create roles for Active Directory user accounts.
Manage Users with SQL Page Create users and grant roles and privileges using these SQL commands.
Add L2TP/IPSEC Network Connection Page Setup an L2TP/IPSEC network connection with these instructions.
Add OpenVPN Network Connection Page Setup an OpenVPN network connection with these instructions.
Add SSH Network Connection Page SSH creates a tunnel between a local Cirro port and remote Database. The database can be running on the SSH server or be another remote machine.
Password Reset Page An email is sent to users when their password is reset. The account is restricted until a new password is set. They may also need to set a new Timed One Time...
Use Excel to connect to SQL Server Database Page Connect Microsoft Excel to any SQL Server database configured in Cirro.
Cirro Direct Connect Page Use your SQL editor and Cirro account to connect to any single MySQL, Oracle, Postgres or SQL-Server database you've set up in the system.
SQL Editor Driver Installation Page Set up a client computer so you can run queries using SQL editors like DBeaver, SQuirrel or Tableau.
Setup DBeaver SQL Editor Page Connect to Cirro with DBeaver using these steps.
Setup DBVisualizer SQL Editor Page Connect to Cirro with DBVisualizer using these steps.
Setup Qlikview SQL Editor Page Connect to Cirro with QlikView SQL editor using these steps.
Setup SQL Workbenchj Page Connect to Cirro with SQL Workbenchj editor using these steps.
Setup SQuirrel SQL Editor Page Connect to Cirro with SQuirrel SQL editor using these steps.
Setup Tableau SQL editor Page Connect to Cirro with Tableau using these steps.
Setup Toad Data Point Page Connect to Cirro with Toad Data Point using these steps.
User Profile Page View your user profile, the datasources you have permissions to and change your standard password.